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My practice encompasses a variety of experimental processes that animate both natural and constructed environments, seeking to form connections between culture, nature and place. I am concerned with how physical, tactile interactions in nature can shape our inner experiences and understanding of the world. I currently live and work in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mattress # 5

Mattresses have a limited life, they are used for a number of years and are then discarded and often left littering alley ways waiting to be taken to the dump. The accumulation of the mattress in our alleys, reflects a culture of consumption and of immediate convenience and comfort over that of ecological sustainability. Our society places emphasis on creating things for instant economic benefit and immediate gratification, with little concern or thought for a long term vision of where these products will end up once they are no longer useful.

I am interested in utilizing the mattress one last time before it is taken to the dump in an attempt to create an intervention about a particular time and place and to create dialogue about our society, the human condition and accumulation. Cutting the figure out of the mattress is a way to elaborate on a human presence. There is a tension between mankind and the pile up of these materials that effects the precarious balance of our planet.